Sunday, October 7, 2007

Here I am writing. Need to go to bed , but can't stop thinking of my sweet daughter and grandbaby. Tonight she had a accident, but thank God no one was hurt. I wish it had not happen, but I am glad it was not worse. I love my Baby Girl even if she is Married. She is my Only girl. I love here so much. I only wish I was able to stay home and keep her baby and my grandbaby. I love her too. I think she would feel better about working. I know how it feels to leave your baby and go to work. I have been working for 34 years as a nurse, so I know.
I thank God for my Son-in-law. He is a great guy, good looking guy to my daughter Yeah everyone has there ups and downs, but with God being in control and a loving family things usually work out. Well I need to go. Hope you have a good night and Thank You Lord for the blessings you have given me and my family.